Math on the Level Classic covers 9 years of math for the whole family for only $370
(inludes a one-year subscription to the Math on the Level 5-A-Day Online Essentials).

Math on the Level comes as a complete 7-volume set that provides all you will need to meet the math instruction needs for your whole family, starting before pre-k and including all the way through pre-algebra.

When comparing Math on the Level with other approaches, it is helpful to consider the cost per child per school year.    

  Math on the Level Classic $370 one-time purchase
Number of children 
you are teaching
4 3 2 1
x 9 years of
36 27 18 9
Cost per year $10 / child $14 / child $21 / child $41  / child
(Optional) 5-A-Day Online Essentials (after the first year) $35 / year $35 / year $35 / year $35 / year


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Math on the Level
2nd Edition!

K-preagebra, only $210!


preK, only $20

5-A-Day Online!

Creates 5-A-Day 
papers, $35/yr!

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$6/ month

9s Down Math Facts

A unique, effective way to
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