Math on the Level 2nd Edition A004

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The Second Edition of Math on the Level covers K through pre-algrebra for the whole family.  The curriculum has three parts:

1.  Curriculum Resources (printed volume)

  • Overview and Record Keeping,
  • Math Adventures,
  • and Math Resources

2.  Combined Teaching Guide (printed volume)

  • Operations,
  • Geometry and Measurements, 
  • Money and Decimals, and
  • Fractions

3. Online 5-A-Day Resources 

  • Math on the Level Record Keeping and 5-A-Day Scheduling Spreadsheet download 
  • One year subscription to 5-A-Day Online Essentials
  • Downloadable Record Keeping forms and 5-A-Day problem set (for those who prefer a manual approach)

Note: A trial version of the spreadsheet is provided during the 60-day trial period.  The full spreadsheet and other downloadable items are provided after the trial period ends. 


$15.00 each Math on the Level Foundations E005
This item will be sold starting on 2018-05-07
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