User Name and Password

If you are having trouble logging in, it may be due to using an incorrect username or password.  If you are unsure about either of these two items, then click this link to have your username or a new password sent to the email we have on file for you.  If you don't get the email, please use the Contact us Link (at the bottom of the Home page) to request assistance.

CAPTCHA Question

The Captcha on our website operates differently than what you may be used to, for it is simply asking you a question and is looking for the correct answer.  Therefore, don't copy the Captcha question, answer it

In the example below, after entering my username and password, the CAPTCHA question asks "what is 6 subtract 2?"  The correct answer is 4, which I type in the box and click Log In. 

If the Captcha question is difficult to read or you just want a new one, then click the Refresh Captcha  button.

Since many people regularly log in to our website to access the 5-A-Day Online or Math on the Level Community Forum, we chose a Captcha scheme that (once you are familiar with it) is very quick to get past.  Usually it asks a simple math fact with a 1 or 2 digit answer -- like "what is ten subtract 5?", "what is 7 plus 9?", or "what is 4 add 4?" (the 1 or 2-digit answer is 5, 16, or 8, respectively).