Excited Math on the Level customers love to tell others about their success.  Here are some great examples,

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Web Link The Curriculum Choice

This independent review for "The Curriculum Choice" website was done in 2011 by Kelly Richardson, a 9-year home-schooling mother, after using Math on the Level to teach her five children.

Web Link Homeschooling for His Glory

I was thrilled to find out about Math on the Level. Why, you might ask? Math on the Level addressed both these issues: I choose my sequence, and I am only required to give the boys 5 exercises a day.

Web Link The Home School Mom

I’ve used Math on the Level for 3 years with my son who is very strong in math. I love the fact that you can teach the concepts as fast or slow as you need to and can cover them in any order (as long as you have covered the building concepts). Overall I recommend this program for anyone who has a child that is bored with constant review and slower pace in other curricula. This program is very strong in that you can cover the concepts very quickly, yet still very thoroughly. (My son has just about finished the K-8 program in 3 years).

Web Link Simply Charlotte Mason

I love the flexibility of what to cover and when. I love the fact that we are doing "living math" a lot more than if we used something else. 

Web Link 2019 Podcast Interview by Cradle to Calling

This is a fun, interactive PodCast where Carlita Boyles interacts with Jenni and Jody of "From Cradle to Calling" to explain the Math on the Level approach.