How does 2nd edition differ from Classic?

Math on the Level Classic 

Math on the Level was introduced in 2007 as a complete curriculum covering pre-K through pre-algebra for the whole family.  It's seven volumes consisted of four teaching guides and three resource books, all printed in color.  The curriculum started out with a manual system to track and schedule 5-A-Day reviews, but an easy-to-use spreadsheet was added to do the scheduling automatically.  In 2017, the 5-A-Day Online Essentials service was introduced to automatically create customized 5-A-Day papers and worksheets. 

Math on the Level Foundations

In the 2nd Edition, the beginning (pre-K) math concepts are moved to the new Foundations e-book.  Now families with pre-K children can start using Math on the Level without having to purchase the whole curriculum. 

Math on the Level 2nd Edition

Instead of seven books, Math on the Level 2nd Edition has two printed volumes plus one online product.

  • The Combined Teaching Guide contains the original 4 teaching guides (Operations, Geometry and Measurements, Money and Decimals, and Fractions)
  • The Curriculum Resources volume contains Overview and Record Keeping, Math Adventures, and Math Resources.   (To keep their cost low, these books are printed black and white.)
  • The 5-A-Day Online Resources includes the 5-A-Day Scheduling spreadsheet and one year subscription to 5-A-Day Online Essentials to schedule and create the individualized 5-A-Day review papers.   

For those who prefer manual scheduling and creation of 5-A-Day review papers, 5-A-Day Online Resources includes downloadable Review Chart and 5-A-Day Scheduling forms plus an e-book with the original 5-A-Day problems from the four "Classic" teaching guides.  

Together, Math on the Level 2nd Edition and the (separate) Foundations e-book provide the same content as Math on the Level Classic, only at a significantly lower price.