Math on the Level: how is 2nd Edition different from Classic 

Math on the Level 2nd Edition (K through pre-algebra) and Foundations (pre-K) provide the same content as Math on the Level Classic, only at a significantly lower price. 

Math on the Level Classic (pre-K through pre-algebra)

Math on the Level was introduced in 2007 as a complete curriculum covering pre-K through pre-algebra for the whole family.  It's seven volumes consisted of four teaching guides and three resource books, all printed in color.  It's record keeping system includes manual forms and the 5-A-Day Review Scheduling spreadsheet.  The current price bundles a 1-year subscription to 5-A-Day Online Essentials. 

Math on the Level Foundations: pre-K

With the 2nd Edition, all pre-K concepts were moved to the Foundations ebook.  Families with pre-K children can now start using Math on the Level without having to purchase an entire curriculum. 


Math on the Level 2nd Edition (K through pre-algebra)

Math on the Level 2nd Edition has three parts: two printed volumes plus a third online product.

  • Combined Teaching Guide contains the 4 teaching guides (Operations, Geometry and Measurements, Money and Decimals, and Fractions).
  • Curriculum Resources contains Overview and Record Keeping, Math Adventures, and Math Resources.   
    (To keep costs low, these two books are printed black and white.)
  • 5-A-Day Online Resources provides the 5-A-Day Scheduling spreadsheet plus one year subscription to 5-A-Day Online Essentials to schedule and create the individualized 5-A-Day review papers.  For those who prefer to create 5-A-Day review papers by hand (the "Classic" way), 5-A-Day Online Resources also includes downloadable forms and an ebook with original 5-A-Day problem set from the four "Classic" teaching guides.