Math on the Level 2nd edition covers 9 years of math for the whole family for only $210
(includes a one-year subscription to the Math on the Level 5-A-Day Online Essentials).

Math on the Level 2nd edition contains 3 parts: Curriculum Resources and Combined Teaching Guide volumes plus 5-A-Day Online Resources.  This curriculum meets the math instruction needs for your whole family from K all the way through pre-algebra.

When comparing Math on the Level 2nd edition with other approaches, consider how economical this curriculum is when viewed per child per year of teaching.   

Math on the Level 2nd Edition $210 one time purchase
If you are teaching this many children
4 3 2 1
x 9 years of
36 27 18 9
The curriculum cost spread out per year is only  $6 /  child  $8 / child  $12 / child  $23  / child 
      After the first year, the cost of 5-A-Day Online Essentials per year $10 / child $13 / child $20 / child $40 / child