Math on the Level 2nd edition covers 9 years of math for the whole family for only $195
(includes a one-year subscription to the Math on the Level 5-A-Day Online Essentials).

Math on the Level 2nd edition contains 3 parts: Curriculum Resources and Combined Teaching Guide volumes plus 5-A-Day Online Resources.  This curriculum meets the math instruction needs for your whole family from K all the way through pre-algebra.

When comparing Math on the Level 2nd edition with other approaches, it is helpful to consider the cost per child per school year.    

Number of children 
you are teaching
4 3 2 1
x 9 years of
36 27 18 9
Cost per year (including
renewals to 5-A-Day Online Essentials)
$13 / child    $18 / child    $26 / child     $53  / child    
Cost per year (if using manually created 5-A-Day review papers) $5 / child    $7 / child    $11 / child     $22 / child