Welcome to the Math on the Level Community Forum.  Our goal is to provide a place for you to ask questions, share experiences, and get support for your family using Math on the Level (MOTL).  We also want to provide support for all homeschoolers, so owning MOTL is not a requirement to participate.  Because the primary focus of the MOTL Community is teaching using Math on the Level, we encourage posts about teaching math.  However, occasional off-topic (OT) threads having to do with other subject areas or homeschooling issues are permitted.

Exceptions: these areas are not permitted as discussion topics in the Math on the Level Community forum.

  1. Anything having to do with buying or selling --
    This forum is for discussion only, not for selling used curriculum, services, or anything else.  We do not permit posts offering to buy or to sell.  No WTB or FS posting allowed. 

  2. Any posts that deviate from the Golden Rule --
    We want everyone to enjoy their time here, so please, “Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you.”  If a post is mean-spirited or hurtful, we will remove it.  Let’s keep these forums encouraging and kind.
  1. Politics and political matters --
    There are plenty of other forums to discuss politics and the need for political action, and responsible parents may have differing political views.  Unless the issue is specific to homeschooling, please refrain from discussing politics here.

When you first join the MOTL forum, you will set up a Personal Profile.  Everyone needs to do this, even if you already have an existing account, in order to update your email and make sure your username is different from your name and email (since usernames are visible to others). You can put additional information on your profile, but that is not required and can be edited or deleted at any time.  

Except for your name, username and email, any information you provide when purchasing a product on our website does not become part of the forum.  (And forum members see only your username, not your real name or email.) 

If you uploaded images, they must be appropriate for the forum and free of objectionable content.  Math on the Level has the right to delete any image, post, user profile information, or user account.  All posts become the property of Math on the Level.

We don’t compile or share your information with others for the purpose of targeting you for advertisements.  We don’t share your profile information at all, and we do not post ads.  We use IP information only to identify and block hackers.  Unless your email service provider analyzes your emails and sends you ads (which is beyond our control), advertisements and annoying popups will not be part of your MOTL Community Forum experience.

Because this is a MOTL Community forum, we will discuss Math on the Level products and their applications,  and sometimes we will tell you when we introduce a new product.  We also will occasionally send newsletters, which Forum members may opt in to receive, that share upcoming events, such as webinars or conventions, or provide ideas or information we think would be helpful.  Within each of these emails will be a means for you to opt out of these communications. 

We moderate new users, but we cannot otherwise control what people post.  Therefore, please use your own judgement when following recommendations. 

That’s it for our Terms and Conditions!  We sincerely hope that providing this forum will help you be more successful in your homeschooling!  

John and Carlita Boyles