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The Math on the Level support forum is designed to provide a way for our curriculum users to interact and support one another. It is also open to those who are seeking to learn more about whether Math on the Level will be a good fit for their families. To protect our users, we have some terms and conditions you must agree to before joining. You agree not to solicit information for any other use than using Math on the Level to teach math. You also agree not to post political views or enlist others to support political or legal actions, sell new or used items, or to promote any other business. To protect our community of users, you will be asked to share something about your interest in joining the forum before your membership is approved. All new members start out on moderated status, which means new posts will not be published until approved. Math on the Level retains the right to delete any post and/or terminate any account. Math on the Level agrees to protect personally identifiable information.