How to use the 5-A-Day Scheduling Spreadsheet

The 5-A-Day Scheduling Spreadsheet is provided to the original purchaser of Math on the Level 2nd EditionMath on the Level Classic, Online 5-A-Day Resources, or the Classic Support Package.  (Log in and see the User Menu at the bottom of the Home page.)


  • On the Setup page, you enter (in yellow-shaded cells) your curriculum version (2nd Edition or Classic), the (non-future) schedule start date, how often per week you want 5-A-Day reviews to be scheduled, and your planning day.  Then assign each student one of six review charts. 
    Setup page2

    Note: If you have a 2012 copy of the Operations Teaching Guide, enter 2012 next to Operations Print Year; othewise, leave it unchanged.

  • Entering data into the Review Charts (1-6) is very easy!
    1.  Enter the concept number (1-146) in column A – the information about the concept fills in automatically!
    2.  Enter how often to practice the concept (D, 2D, 3D, 4D, W, 2W, 3W or 4W) in column G – the schedule is created and displayed (blue boxes) on the right!
    3. The Notes column C and R/D column P (Replace or Drop) are optional places to make an entry.  

    Concept numbers are from the Math on the Level Concept Chart and Teaching Guides.  (A copy of the Concept Chart tab is included in the spreadsheet.)

    Entering data2

    Hint: In Row 5, some cells have a small red triangle in one corner.
    Wherever this red triangle appears, you can hover your cursor over the cell to get a brief instruction, as illustrated:

  • The Today's 5-A-Days Page shows the daily scheduled concepts for all students.  Enter a different date in cell G3 or 5-A-Day number in cell G4  (refering to information in column M), or else delete those entries to get back to the default current date.  

    Todays 5adays2

    The brightly colored rectangles have code to copy-and-paste into the 5-A-Day Online Essentials using the 5-A-Day Quickprint Import Feature!
  • The Week's 5-A-Days page shows the concepts scheduled for the whole week for one child.  Enter a different Chart number(1-6, in cell C4) to get another child's schedule.  You can also choose a different date or week# (G3 or G4), or delete your entries to get back to the default (current week & Chart1).


    Hint: If more than 5 concepts show up per day and you don't want to re-adjust your schedule entries, you can use the 5-A-Day Quickprint "combine concepts" feature to combine concepts (or just give "extra credit!" for the extra problems).

  • The Online 5-A-Day tab puts all scheduled data (Today's or Week's 5-A-Days ) into one convenient place. Leave the entries blank for the default settings (today's date, current week, and Chart 1), or else make your own entries.  Any entry you make in the spreadsheet can be deleted.

    Online 5adays

    The colored rectangles have code to copy (Ctrl+c) and paste (Ctrl+v) into the 5-A-Day Online Essentials QuickPrint page using it's "Import from Spreadsheet" feature.  (These colored rectangles also appear on the "Today's 5-A-Days" and "Week's 5-A-Days" pages.)

  • To create the 5-A-Day paper, here is how to import the scheduled 5-A-Day concepts using your 5-A-Day Online Essentials subscription.
    Log in to and click the 5-A-Day Online tab.
    Click 5-A-Day Quickprint.
    On the 5-A-Day Quickprint chart, click " + Import from Spreadsheet."


    Switch to the Spreadsheet and copy (Ctrl+c) one of the colored rectangles on the Today's 5-A-Days, Week's 5-A-Days, or Online 5-A-Days Pages.  

    Switch back to 5-A-Days QuickPrint and click "Paste the data copied from the spreadsheet here."  Now paste (Ctrl+v) the copied information and click Import.


    The daily concept list automatically fill the 5-A-Day Quickprint chart.  You can change esch concept's difficulty level and delete or add other concepts.
    5aday quickprint chart
    The 5-A-Day settings box lets you choose whether to attempt combining concepts if there are more than 5 concepts scheduled.

    After you click the Preview button, you see a 5-A-Day page with solutions.  Here you can review and change the difficulty level for each problem, regenerate if needed, or leave a problem blank (to write in your own).  
    5aday for Mary
    Finally, you either view the final 5-A-Day paper (and separate solution page) in a web browser or else download them to your computer as a pdf file to print later.

  • Protected View

    The first time the spreadsheet is opened after being downloaded, Excel will open in "Protected View" mode.

    Protected view

    In order to use the spreadsheet, you must click "Enable Editing."  After this is done once, the spreadsheet will open and operate normally.

    Cell Protection

    The spreadsheet entry areas are easy to learn and use.  However, if you accidentally try to modify important cells or enter information in the wrong place, you will get this warning:

    Cell protection

    This warning means you tried to modify a protected cell, usually by accident by entering information in the wrong place.

    The 5-A-Day scheduling spreadsheet has many cells with formulas; if the contents of these cells are deleted or overwritten, the spreadsheet will no longer work properly.  Therefore, the spreadsheet uses "cell protection" to prevent accidental deletion of formulas that make it work.  Otherwise, it would be impossible to support so many users.  Remember, you never need a password to use the spreadsheet.